Helping you get your dream house

The Dutch ING bank has developed a scheme to drum up new business by helping potential buyers approach the owners of homes they have admired from afar.

Springwise reports the aim is to invigorate a stagnating housing market by tempting owners of houses that aren’t yet for sale.

ING is partnering with online real estate firm iBlue. After potential buyers fill in a form on, including their dream home’s address and the initial offer they’re willing to make, iBlue contacts them to discuss whether the offer is reasonable, and adjusts it if necessary.

A mortgage consultant also determines whether the buyers would be able to finance the purchase. iBlue then sends an offer to the property’s current owners, explaining the situation and inquiring whether they’d consider selling.

It operates on the rationale that everything is for sale at the right price.

Making an offer is free for clients, but if the owners are interested in pursuing the offer, iBlue acts as the buyer’s agent and charges a commission once the deal is done.


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