If you really, really love chocolate

Possibly the world’s classiest chocolate provedore, London’s Sir Hans Sloane, offers clients a bespoke chocolate portfolio. According to Springwise, customers work with the Sir Hans Sloane’s master chocolatier to discover which types and flavours of chocolate they enjoy most – a process that surely would be highly delightful in its own right. Sir Hans Sloane then designs a unique chocolate profile for the client, which is logged in a special “Keeper’s Book” for future reference.

The chocolate itself is pretty darned special – they use only the finest raw materials from Madagascar or Ecuador, and apparently Sir Hans Sloane is the only chocolate studio in Britain to do its own conching, a refining process that involves up to 72 hours of rolling liquid chocolate to bring out flavours and improve texture.

Once you’ve worked out your chocolate faves, they are made to order and sent off to you in a handcrafted wooden box. All sounds pretty nice, but could be a little pricey – it’s one of those “prices given on request” type deals.


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