Internet ad spend tops top radio, cable

Spending on online advertising in the US zoomed past established media such as radio and cable television in 2007, an Internet Advertising Bureau/ PricewaterhouseCoopers study reported by reveals.

Total spending on online advertising in the US grew 26% in 2007 to $US21.2 billion. This took it past radio, which earned $US19.8 billion, and cable television, where advertisers spent $US20.9 billion.

That leaves the internet ranked third in terms of advertising spending in the US, behind only syndicated television of $US31.2 billion and newspapers on $US48.6 billion.

The biggest chunk of the online ad spent went to search advertising, which attracted 41% of the total spend, followed by display ads on 34%. Retail was the biggest consumer online ad category, attracting 45% of the online ad spend, followed by automotive (21%), leisure (13%), entertainment (9%) and packaged goods (8%).


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