iPhone security flaw… again

Apple has run into another security blunder with its 3G iPhone, with a security researcher unveiling more flaws buried within the device.

The new security flaws affect the iPhone mail applications and Safari web browser, allowing a hacker to trick a user into navigating into dangerous websites unknowingly.

“In most mail clients… you can just hover [over] the link and get a tooltip [showing] you the actual URL that you are about to click,” Raff told itnews.com.au “In iPhone it’s a bit different. You need to click the link for a few seconds in order to get the tooltip. Now, because the iPhone screen is small, long URLs are automatically cut off in the middle.

“This one is not just a trivial bug, it’s actually a pretty dumb design flaw, which was already fixed by all other mail clients ages ago.”

While Raff found the security flaws in July and contacted Apple, they haven’t addressed the issue and he felt compelled to release the flaws publically.


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