iPhone users dominate Wi-Fi

SmartCompany /

The development and marketing of smartphones into the market has seen the use of Wi-Fi networks increase. But the iPhone seems to be topping the list, according to a new survey, with the device accounting for 6% of wireless access requests in the US.

The survey, published by advertising group AdMob, shows 8% of web requests in November came from Wi-Fi networks in the US and Britain. But the iPhone represents 6.3% of requests in the US, which makes it the most used device on Wi-Fi networks.

AdMob says the iPhone was followed by the Nokia N95 and other N-series phones as the leading Wi-Fi devices.

Currently, Australia has few wireless networks in comparison to the US and Britain. But AdMob says these figures plus the development of phones with Wi-Fi access will help to increase the number of networks available.


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