iTunes gets a new DJ feature

Along with the new, smaller version of the iPod Shuffle, Apple will soon be releasing an update to its iTunes software that will allow iPhone users to vote on upcoming songs in a playlist.


The feature is designed for when iPhone users are at a party where a computer is using iTunes to play a list of songs.


With the new iTunes DJ function, iPhone users can now use a separate application called “Remote” to gain access to the current playlist.


Then users can browse and choose upcoming songs they want to hear next, and can ask other iPhone users to vote on the song. Whichever song receives the most votes would then be played next.


Of course, there’s a catch here: if your friends want to sabotage your party or have a little fun at your expense, all they need to do is vote for that Kenny G instrumental lurking in the recesses of your iTune library and your ultra-cool party vibe has been destroyed.


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