Kids show oldies how to use their mobiles

The evolution of mobile phone technology has been so rapid that it’s hardly surprising that some people – particularly those who haven’t grown up with mobiles – might need a little help.

Now, according to Springwise, a youth-driven service has popped up in Holland to give those people a hand. Bellendoejezo – which apparently means ‘this is how you make a call’ – trains school kids aged 12 to 16 to provide phone coaching to the tech-inhibited.

The phone coaches run various modules from the more advanced – using predictive text, creating contact groups, enabling Bluetooth and exploring mobile internet – to phone fundamentals such as locking a phone’s keypad, sending a text message and using voicemail.

Bellendoejezo is aimed at the corporate market, charging clients such as law firms and banks up to €50 per person for an hour long phone tutorial.


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