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A driving urge to reduce the environmental impact of their industry has taken Complete Colour Printing’s principals in a solidly green direction, and has also had a beneficial effect on the bottom line.

Watch the video of Geoff Lawyer and Tim Michaelides from Complete Colour Printing.

Tim Michaelides (left) and Geoff Lawyer (right, with Charles Slade) have been running Complete Colour Printing, an offset and digital print service, since 1992.

While the pair have always been keen to run a thriving business, at the same time they realised that the industry they operated in has always tended to leave a large environmental footprint.

It has therefore been Complete Colour’s continual aim to reduce energy consumption and reduce emissions while at the same time grow a successful business venture.

Today the firm employs 50 people and turns over about $12 million a year, but Tim and Geoff say a large part of the success can be calculated in the feel-good factor.

The printing industry is notorious not only for its impact on the world’s forest resources, but also its traditionally heavy use of chemical-based raw materials. Tim and Geoff have made sure that most if not all of the used chemicals from their plant are recycled, reused or redeployed to uses in other industries.

“Being environmentally responsible makes sense,” Tim says. “I don’t understand why more businesses aren’t making the effort. The overall effect on the bottom line is positive and staff morale is lifted when they realise their actions are helping care for the environment.”

Watch Tim and Geoff tell their story and share their tips for better business, and environmental, outcomes.



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