Listed pizza entrepreneur shares secrets of success

Watch the video of Don Meij, chief executive of Domino’s Pizza

Don Meij (right) turned his after-uni job into a career to become one of the most successful franchisees in ASX-listed Domino’s Pizza chain. Then he took a stake in the master franchise company.

Domino’s Pizza, which began as Silvio’s Pizza in 1983 before being reinvented as a franchisee of the US company, has grown to be a chain of 440 stores in all states with 11,000 employees. More recently, the chain has listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and expanded into Europe.

Learn Meij’s secrets of success. He tells about the culture of Domino’s that has made it a success: “At Domino’s someone has opened the door and helped you into business and you now have to give that to somebody else.”




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