Nanotechnology and the bracelet phone

By Marko Barosevic

Nokia has taken the idea of mobile phones as fashion accessories to its logical conclusion.

Researchers from Nokia have collaborated with Cambridge University’s Nanoscience Centre to produce the Morph phone. The Morph utilises nanotechnology to break down the stale shape relations of the “brick” phone.

The morph phone uses radical wiring and materials in order to allow bending, rolling and folding – so that the phone presents as a bracelet. The Morph has the added appeal of being self-cleaning and energy efficient.

The Morph is still very much a concept phone, currently on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York as part of the Design and Elastic Mind exhibition.

The nanotechnology used in design is a prelude to tangible benefits in handheld communication, lower cost manufacturing and energy rationing. The Morph serves as a fresh example of successful collaboration between industry and technical colleges.

Nokia Morph Phone




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