Peer-to-peer camping

Travelling a shoestring budget has recently been made easier by couch surfing. This system has users sign up on a website to rent out their couch to backpackers for a night or two, on the belief when you travel you’ll receive the same benefit from someone else.

But the idea has taken its next step with the development of “single spot camping”. The program connects anyone who owns a small space of land – even a garage – with people looking for a place to pitch a tent.

The program is designed to create a travel experience more unique than staying in a camping grand, with the added benefits of a small stream of income for the hosts and a sense of privacy.

The site is still new, so all listings made before 31 December 2008 will be displayed free for a year. Plots of land in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the United States and even Australia can be advertised.


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