Recharge the batteries

Modern life requires power. Battery World’s James Nixon-Smith is in the business of giving us that power. He tells the Battery World story in this video.

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James Nixon-Smith Battery World

Life these days requires power. Mobile and landline phones, cameras, remote controls for televisions or garage doors, cordless drills and other tools – the list goes on.

Battery World stocks more than 3000 items on the shelves in each of more than 80 stores across the country. Set up more than 10 years ago in Brisbane by a Japanese multinational battery company to supply car batteries to auto electricians, the business model did not work out as expected.

So investment was made in market research and James Nixon-Smith was brought in to sort the business out. The resulting strategy took the company in more of a retail direction, diversifying away from the trade sector.

A retail franchise model was settled upon as the best vehicle for the business. The company is now poised to expand into New Zealand.


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