Rudd questioned over remaining Rein business

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd could be about to land in some hot water because of a little known interest Therese Rein continues to hold in an Australian corporate training business.

The business, called Invisage Australia, is still owned by Rein and has the same registered head office as Rein’s Ingeus business, The Australian reports today.

Ingeus has sold all of its Australian operations over the past 12 months in an attempt to avoid exposing Rudd to conflict of interest allegations, but the existence of Invisage threatens to resurrect the issue.

The company reportedly received more than $160,000 from government departments until May 2007, mainly for the provision of two training programs.

In March, Rudd declared his interests and did not mention any interest in the company for himself or on behalf of Rein, and his office says he was not required to do so because the company is now inactive.

There is no evidence of any business activity by the company since May last year, but it reportedly maintains an active registration with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.


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