Short men are jealous, women not so much

A person’s height is a crucial factor in determining what makes them feel jealous – but the effect works in dramatically different ways for men and women, a new study shows.

According to New Scientist, research by staff at the Universities of Groningen and Valencia asked 549 men and women in Spain and the Netherlands when and why they are most likely to feel jealousy towards a romantic competitor.

The male subjects reported while wealthy and good looking men are most likely to evoke feelings of jealousy, the taller they are compared to their romantic foe, the less likely they are to be overtaken by the green eyed monster.

Women, by contrast, were most jealous of other women’s beauty and charm, but less so the closer they were to average height.

So tall men and medium height women are the most secure people in our society. According to the study this makes evolutionary sense because other research has found that while taller men tend to have the most romantic success, it is women of medium height who enjoy the best health, fertility and popularity.



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