SMS… scent message service?

Text messages, ringtones, video streams… and perfumes.

The evolution of the mobile phone continues with Japanese telco NTT Communications Corp announcing a trial of the “mobile fragrance communication” (MFC) system. Twenty male and female trial users will be able to send scents to one another via a programmed cartridge within the phones.

The MFC system sends fragrance data into a plug-in freshener of basic scents, which then mix to form perfumes that waft out from the mobile. Users can develop a “playlist” of fragrances to send on various occasions. The technology is so far compatible with basic MIDI audio and GIF animation files.

Website iTWire reports that NTT is after program developers to integrate the fragrance technology into wider platforms such as music, video games and even horoscope downloads.

NTT launched a downloadable scent device for fixed locations in 2005, targeted at the home and office.


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