Tennis fans are classy

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Tennis fans have always seemed that bit classier, what with all the champagne and strawberries and cream and so on. According to a new survey by Roy Morgan Research, however, the preference for the finer things in life extends beyond apertifs to choice of automobile.

A survey of sports fans conducted late last year found that tennis fans are much more likely to drive an Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, or Saab than their grubbier cricket, rugby and footy watching counterparts.

Just over 3% of tennis fans drive a snazzy auto, more than the 2.6% of cricket fans, 2.4% of AFL fans and 2.3% of NRL fans.

Instead, AFL fans prefer a good honest Ford, while NRL supporters more often plump for a Holden. As for cricket fans, they appear to be quite happy with either choice, and they don’t mind a Toyota either.

And the classiness of tennis extends into other consumer goods, too. Compared to the general population, they are 39% more likely to drink Cascade Premium Lager, 31% more likely to buy Nivea Visage facial cleanser and 25% more likely to drink Waterfords mineral water.


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