The accountant, and the mystery of the missing mail

Accountant Curt Rendall, a partner at Parramatta accounting firm Rendall Kelly, has a big problem – 51 items of mail sent to his firm by clients since June have mysteriously gone missing.

Rendall says the missing mail has included cheques from clients and important documents. Given the fact that many of the missing items require a response within a set time (such as 14 or 21 days) and are considered to be lodged once they are posted, the missing mail is much more than just an inconvenience.

Rendall is currently talking with the Postal Ombudsman about this issue, but urges other businesses to check their mail is all getting through.

“If it’s happening to us, it must be happening to lots of businesses out there,” Rendall says.

“Otherwise we are the most unlucky accounting firm in the world.”

Let’s hope this mystery doesn’t develop into a wider trend anytime soon.


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