The AFL fan personality test… Vibe’s home renovation site… Mobile phone games get serious

Does your AFL team match your lifestyle?

A new study by Roy Morgon Research has finally put some science into that classic pub conversation – can you match a person’s personality to the AFL football team they support?

The survey of 8720 AFL footy fans conducted in March 2007 brings to light some very revealing, and strange, factoids about the supporters of the various teams.

Essendon supporters, for example, love to look good. Compared to other footy fans:

  • They were 34% more likely to agree that “I was born to shop”.
  • 20% more likely to agree that “I wear clothes that will get me noticed”.
  • 18% more likely to agree that “it’s important to look fashionable”.

The minerals boom in the west is clearly fattening the wallets of some West Coast Eagles fans, who are 50% more likely to agree that “it only feels like a holiday if I leave Australia.” They must be going out there with their eyes closed, however; they are also 16% more likely to agree that “I don’t like to know too much about what’s going on in the world these days”.

By contrast, the survey shows that the working class stereotype of Collingwood supporters has at least a grain of truth to it. They are 104% more likely to have made a purchase from Dimmys/Forges (a Melbourne discount chain) in the last four weeks, 19% more likely to agree that “Australian beer is the only beer worth drinking” and 12% more likely to agree that “none of this stuff about the information super-highway makes sense to me”.

And the study also reveals which team’s fans are just perfect for advertisers – the Western Bulldogs. Compared to other fans, they are 81% more likely to agree that “I usually notice the advertisements on shopping trolleys when I go grocery shopping,” 38% more likely to agree that “quite often I find TV advertising more entertaining than the programs”, 35% more likely to agree that “I find TV advertising interesting” and 22% more likely to agree that “TV advertising often gives me something to talk about”. Doggies fans really seem to love those ads.


Perth start-up Vibe Capital launches new site

Another newcomer to the web 2.0 world is It’s a social networking site for home-renovators, and is good news if your colleagues have been boring you stupid with their DIY renovation stories, tips and advice. They now have another outlet.’s owner is Perth-based tech start up Vibe Capital. Vibe also operates parenting website The Australian Financial Review reports there are other projects in the pipeline, and two of the company’s three founders have recently moved to Silicon Valley in the United States.


Mobile gaming rising

As 3G gathers steam, mobile phone users are expected to spend much more time playing games on their phones. About 10% of Australian mobile-phone owners use their devices to play games already, according to research firm Gartner. 3G can download content quickly.

Revenue for mobile gaming in the Asia Pacific and Japan is expected to top $2.2 billion in 2007, and hit $5.4 billion by 2011.


SmartCompany Quote of the Day

“It is far better to be exhausted from success than to be rested from failure.” Mary Kay Ash, founder, Mary Kay Cosmetics


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