The Bilby to star this Easter

Bilby chocolate easter

Retailers have predicted that the chocolate Bilby will be the hit of Easter 2008.

Australian consumers’ spending patterns are changing according to the Australian Retailers Association. The ARA reports a doubling of demand for the Bilby each year.

“With the emphasis on fresh fish for Good Friday, snapper, flathead, whiting, salmon, ocean trout fillets and barramundi will be among the most popular. Prices do escalate due to demand, especially for crustaceans. Often shoppers leave seafood purchases until last, but they are urged to order ahead if they wish to buy what they really want,” says Richard Evans, executive director of the ARA.

Lovers of hot cross buns need not panic; the bakeries are fully stocked as ever.

Easter trading hours vary between states with most shops closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. See a full list of Easter trading hours in each state.


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