The free vending machine

There has been a growing trend among companies to give more free samples of products away in the hope that a little taste will encourage customers to buy more. But now a Belgian design agency has created a vending machine with the specific purpose of giving away free samples.


The Boobox, designed by Belgian firm Fosfor, is a stand-alone machine that allows customers to access free samples of food products. Customers send a free SMS in exchange for an activation code, which allows the user to access their free sample.

But unlike other vending machines which may be specifically designed for a pre-conceived product, the Boobox is adjustable for different products with various weights, sizes and forms.

The company says the machine can be accompanied alongside space for posters, so businesses eager to get their product known can also advertise at the same time. The move follows a similar venture by Kraft, which offered free samples of warm pasta products during winter in Chicago bus stops.


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