The global mobile phone boom

The number of mobile phones in operation around the world is set to explode almost five billion by 2012, according to research by telecommunication analysts Ovum, reports by iTWire.

Unsurprisingly, the most rapid growth in mobile use will be seen in developing countries, with China and India set to achieve 55% and 64% mobile phone penetration respectively, to become the two biggest mobile phone markets in the world.

Australia will continue to do its bit to grow global mobile phone numbers, however, despite the fact that mobile penetration here has just about reached saturation point. According to Ovum, mobile phone penetration here will hit 122% by 2012 – that’s about 1.25 mobiles for every man, woman and child in the country.

Despite the tremendous growth of mobile phone use in the developing world, the developed economies will continue to be the greatest source of revenue for telcos. In 2012, Ovum predicts, 23% of mobile revenues will be generated in Western Europe, compared with 18% for North America and 15% for the Asia-Pacific region. And it will be a revenue pot of gold worth chasing; total annual revenues will climb to $US1019 billion, Ovum says.


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