THE LIGHTER SIDE: Our favourite videos from the first five years of SmartCompany

Our week of fifth birthday celebrations is coming to an end, but we could resist picking our favourite Lighter Side videos from the last five years.


What is it that you do exactly?


A little bemused by what it is you actually do for a living? The protagonist of this Armstrong and Miller Show sketch sure is.

{qtube vid:= QvikRqsNZ5k}


Monty Python and the art of selling


With a new Monty Python documentary screening on the ABC at present, we thought it was worth revisiting the team’s priceless advice on advertising.

{qtube vid:=ijIq_-8HJo8}


The funny side of retail


Is this why we need an inquiry into the retail sector?

{qtube vid:=HkzejyIxk80&feature=related}


Self-important employees


Do you have a self-important employee in your midst? They can’t be as puffed up as this “brain surgeon” from the BBC’s That Mitchell and Webb Look.

{qtube vid:=THNPmhBl-8I}


Apple’s next “bag” thing


Mitchell and Webb unveil Apple’s newest product!

{qtube vid:=VZvNMFl7Hec}



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