THE LIGHTER SIDE: Top 10 videos for 2012

The end of the year is upon us an it’s time to have a bit of a laugh. Here are our top 10 Lighter Side videos for 2012, in no particular order.


It’s a dubious mark of notoriety, but you know you’ve made it in the online world when you get your very own Downfall meme. Take a bow Click Frenzy.

{qtube vid:=GcgJORM-kV8}

Some say social media is about changing the world. Some say it’s about a revolution. But really, it’s an excuse to make up amazing statistics.

{qtube vid:=fT-eXw7Xsjo}

Clive Palmer has a warning for us. If we’re not careful, the Government could end up running this place.

{qtube vid:=rZYsiCd9_bw}

The practice of celebrating birthdays in the office is a highly divisive issue. As Armstrong and Miller demonstrate in this video, cake and candles may not be the most appropriate accompaniment for every workplace scenario.

{qtube vid:=qDgBAxMOwxQ}

A viral video is the holy grail for many marketers and now there’s an easier way to do it than actually making something people want to watch.

{qtube vid:=tIwH7ptHCWc}

As Clarke and Dawe explain, the Gillard Government’s Budget surplus was overshadowed by Peter Slipper and a union for embattled health service workers.

{qtube vid:=ek3FK53nyuQ}

Christmas is upon us and thousands of people will be buying gadgets in the coming weeks. Here’s how to do it, from Britain’s the Armstrong & Miller show.

{qtube vid:=3OlPg0davL0}

The world makes more sense in cartoon form, right? So what better way to come to grips with the Apple vs Samsung court case than courtesy of everyone’s favourite animated news service, Taiwan’s NMA.

{qtube vid:=zIKONhft5-g}

British comedians David Mitchell and Robert Webb have the secret to making your last few meetings much more pleasant.

{qtube vid:=sp0RttRojk4}

As this clip from The Office shows, when it comes to staff appraisals, it’s imperative employer and employee work collboratively.

{qtube vid:=I9LLZJFBWdc}



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