The world’s weirdest sporting competitions

Countries over the world play host to some of the strangest competitions in history. Here, courtesy of, are 10 of the weirdest.

Rock Paper Scissors: The seventh annual Rock Paper Scissors championship was held in Toronto on 25 October. While some say strategy can help you, most put winning the grand prize – $US10,000 dollars – down to pure luck.

Bog Snorkeling: This championship in Wales – which this year hosted its 23rd annual event – pits competitors to swim two lengths of a disgusting bog with flippers and a snorkel. All for a measly $100.

Man versus Horse Marathon: Seems straightforword, but this British race has been running since 1981 and surprisingly even a cyclist has won. The first person to beat a horse on foot was Huw Lopp in 2004.

Extreme Ironing: This British competition sees people ironing clothes in extreme situations. They’ve bungee-ironed, parachute-ironed and even ironed on top of Mount Rushmore.

Wife Carrying: Starting as a joke in Finland, this competition now pits men carrying their significant others through a heavily laden obstacle course. The winner takes home his wife’s weight in beer.

Tiddlywinks: While most people remember playing this at school, some are reliving their childhood education by entering the world championships. Overseen by the English Tiddlywinks Association.

Conkers: This game involves two players and chestnuts with holes drilled through them, attached to string. Players must destroy the opponent’s nut – only in Britian.

Chess Boxing: This one is just weird. Players compete in alternating rounds of speed chess and boxing. There are 50 competitive chess boxers worldwide.

Punkin Chunkin: Teams build devices to see which can launch a pumpkin the farthest. Held in the north-eastern United States, the record is held by a team that launched a pumpkin 4434 feet.

Air Guitar: The Air Guitar World Championships, which began in 1996, pits competitors to “play” their best against a song chosen by themselves, and one by an audience. Points are given based on energy and realism.


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