TiVo expands with Internode deal

Digital video recording service TiVo has struck a deal with internet service provider Internode to ensure its users will not have downloaded content marked on their bandwidth usage limits.

Internode is also planning to sell TiVo as part of a package with an ADSL2+ connection, a wireless TiVo adapter and broadband modem for between $79 and $99 a month.


Robbee Minicola, chief executive of Seven Network-owned Hybrid TV services, which is TiVo’s licensee in Australia, also said a TiVo movie store launched at the end of this month will initially contain between 60 and 100 movies. But so far, Minicola says TiVo users have been wary about downloading content due to breaching download limits.


“At the end of the day we just want people to enjoy a TiVo without getting backhanded with their ISP bill at the end of the month,” Minicola said, adding that he hopes the move will also combat piracy.


“How can we accuse the consumer of piracy when all they’re doing is trying to get what they want when they want it?” she said.


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