User-generated news that pays

The owners of Australian news site are about to launch a new web news service pitched to 18 to 40 year olds., a few weeks away from launch, will use a combination of professional and freelance user-generated content to cover a mix of Australian news and affairs.

A news team will manage the stream of content from amateur news gatherers. To encourage citizen journalism from readers, is offering contributors cash.

If you send in content and they use it, Streem has promised to share a quarter of all ad revenue generated for that page with you.

A statement from the start-up says: “Streem is about raw news, direct from the source, with the latest media to deliver a highly interactive and mixed content experience.”

Elgar Welch, a spokeman for the company, told SmartCompany the website is being funded by former media professionals, although he declined to name them.  


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