Xmas shopper rage

Have you left your Christmas shopping to the last minute? If so, you are not alone. There is a growing trend to wait until “five minutes to midnight” – and it is very stressful for some.

The 320,000 Victorians who work in the retail industry could bear the brunt. Victorian retail staff may become victims of “shopper rage” during the Christmas 2007 season, reports The Age newspaper.

A survey by Deloitte and the Australian Retailers Association shows that about 70% of respondents intend to leave their Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve. On the weekend, The Australian Financial Review reported that Chadstone Shopping Centre anticipates that people will spend more than $30 million at Victorian shopping centres in the 24 hours before Christmas 2007.

Some of these shoppers may take their frustrations over rejected credit cards or out-of-stock merchandise on hapless shop assistants.


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