YouTube + US presidential politics = YouBama

As the US presidential primaries hit fever pitch candidates are taking up every possible option to get their message out. Fans of one candidate, Barack Obama, are doing the same thing, but in reverse – they have set up an unofficial site to allow his supporters to put out their message about him.

The YouBama site’s name is redolent of YouTube and it operates in a similar way. Supporters make a video of themselves explaining why they support Obama and then post them for others to view.

And not only can supporters upload their own message, they can also vote on which messages they think are the best. The most popular videos on the site are currently those featuring actor George Clooney, followed by former basketballer Charles Barkley and a cute message by a five year old.

According to Techcrunch, YouBama has been created by two graduate students from Stanford University, Pedregal and Eric Park, to build grass-roots political support for Obama.





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