eSport innovator looking for investment

E Ball’s proprietary sensor technology takes ball games to a new level, and now it wants a $1 million investment to take the thrills to the world. By MIKE PRESTON.

Tony Course eBall

Entrepreneur: Tony Course
Industry: Electronic games/sports simulation
Company: E Ball Games
To: Fund further development and expansion

Melbourne-based electronic sport simulation business E Ball is seeking investment to expand its product range and take advantage of opportunities overseas.

E Ball’s proprietary sensor technology enables the player to kick, throw or hit a real ball into a net and then watch in real time the digital progress of the ball on a screen displaying the sporting field.

It has already been applied to several sports, including soccer – several hundred soccer simulators incorporating E Ball technology have been distributed around the world – and the AFL, which has previously had an E Ball simulator in its AFL World facility.

E Ball generally works with external developers to deliver the digital display and programming aspects of the simulators, while it co-ordinates production and provides the core sensor technology.

Founded in Melbourne in 2005, E Ball has a small experienced staff. Chief executive and co-owner, Tony Course, has been previously involved with several successful technology start-ups.

E Ball is hoping to build on its existing sub-$1 million revenue stream by adapting its technology for new sports such as cricket and rugby and, more significantly, establishing a foothold in the massive US market for an American football-based simulator.

Course says the company has already developed a relationship with possible partners in the US who are keen to work with E Ball to take an American football simulator into the US.

To get there, E Ball is seeking to raise $1 million in external investment. The money will be used primarily to develop an American football demonstration simulator and cover some of the costs of travel to and marketing in the US.

Some funding will also be used to further the development of E Ball simulators for various other world sports including rugby and cricket.

For more information contact E Ball chief executive Tony Course on 0418 393082.

To view the brief introductory video, see below.



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