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You know it’s a killer pitch, but how do you know you’re telling your story to the right person?

Anyone chasing money from an investor needs two things: the right pitch and the right audience. I’ve covered how to make killer presentations in a previous blog.  Now for the other part of the equation.


To keep inching the odds in your favour when trying to get prospective investors to sign that cheque I suggest that you really check out who they are. I’m not suggesting you should stalk them or go through their rubbish; that might be a little over-zealous and will probably land you in jail.


However, here are a few tactics that will reveal more than you might think about your target investors:


  • Check out their website.
  • Go to the venture capital association website.
  • Research the companies that they have invested in to date.
  • Talk to the chief executives of these companies to find out what the investors are like as investment partners.
  • Understand their investment strategies.
  • See if there is any synergy between your company and other companies in the investor’s existing portfolio.
  • Brainstorm possible connections between your network and their network.
  • Know who funds the venture capital company.
  • Find out who the founders/major partners are.
  • Go to functions and meet your target investors informally before you approach them.
  • Know their networks and contacts.


Sites to check out:


Now, I’m wondering if there is anyone out there. I haven’t heard from many of you and I’d really love your feedback and comments. Please don’t be shy and send me a quick email.


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