How can I flush out this stinking office problem?

How can I flush out this stinking office problem?

Dear Aunty B,

Here’s an interesting one for you. I work in the Sydney office of a “financial services” company and, for the past four years, have been the only member of my team (IT) in this office. This affords me a certain latitude in how I do my work (and where – I work from home when I can). Due to accommodation issues, as well as some interpersonal ones, I’ve recently moved up a level to the unused office area on the first floor where I can work in peace and quiet.

Recently, we have had some instances where the male facilities have been less than clean – unflushed, wrapped in paper, etc. I’ve seen these and moved to another cubicle – it’s not my job to clean up someone else’s… job. I’ve gotten to the stage that I will “hold it in” rather than have to clean after someone else.

It should be mentioned these facilities are also used by visitors and customers.

And now, because someone (and I’m pretty sure I know who, but have no proof) has taken an exception to me being allowed to work in a quieter area, they have falsely reported me as the person who has been making this mess!

How can I get these filthy buggers to clean up after themselves?



Dear Saskwatch,

It seems to me that you have two problems here. Firstly to clear your name and secondly to clean up the toilets. If the issue of the mess in the toilets is raised with you simply say that you are glad it has been brought up as you are also concerned.

Now it’s time to propose a solution. The easiest thing to do is to put a sign up in the bathroom asking people to clean up after themselves. Passive aggressive? Absolutely. But also effective and it beats lurking outside the toilets or accosting people who come out of them.

This should solve your two problems and also show you are a man of action who takes responsibility for your extra bit of workspace.

Be Smart,

Your Aunty B


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