How to eat an elephant

How to eat an elephant

If you chose to do so, how exactly would you eat an elephant?

There’s only one way. One bite at a time.

Sometimes, the problems we face and the issues we have seem insurmountable. Our business doesn’t understand what we are trying to achieve, we don’t have the buy-in from our department or we just can’t seem to get the budget to get done what needs to happen.

It’s really easy to give up in these circumstances. The path of least resistance is often the one which is attractive to take, but it doesn’t necessarily get you where you need or want to go.

My grandparents told me that a job that was worth doing is worth doing well.  So don’t take shortcuts.  Have conviction in your beliefs and don’t give up on them.

If a project, whether it is personal or for business, seems overwhelming, try chunking it down into bite-sized pieces.

I’ve recently discovered mind-mapping.  This is when you plan out a task or series of tasks or ideas into a visual document.  Not only can you see the entire project on one page, but you can see how it is broken down into parts. I encourage you to do this when you are looking to make significant change or fix complex problems.

Breaking large projects into a series of tasks makes the eating of the elephant much easier and less likely to give you indigestion later.

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