Bryce Leske (l) a d Alec Renehan (r), Equity Mates. Source: supplied

Alec Renehan and Bryce Leske

How to Get Started Investing, and tips on avoiding home country bias

Alec Renehan and Bryce Leske
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It’s a big world out there and technology has made it easy to invest in it all, according to Alec Renehan and Bryce Leske, hosts of the Equity Mates podcast series and authors of new book Get Started Investing: It’s easier than you think to invest in shares.

Equity Mates Investing Podcast is currently the top investing podcast for Australians on Apple Podcasts, according to analytics firm Chartable, and attracted seed funding from Stake founder Matt Leibowitz in December 2020 — reportedly a “six-figure sum” — in exchange for 8% ownership. 

Breaking down investment platforms, jargon, and the difference between managed and indexed funds, the duo’s new book Get Started Investing is pitched at readers who want to make their first tentative steps.

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