Put yourself in the best position before negotiating. Source: Unsplash/Myleon

Brendan Wykes

When it’s time to cash in: Resource Guide to selling your business

Brendan Wykes
Mergers and Acquisitions
6 minute Read

Many people dream of selling their business. There is often much to be gained — both financial and otherwise — but there are many obstacles and pitfalls. Being calm, fair, reasonable and organised can be the difference between success and failure.

First, you must make your business saleable. It must be profitable, growing rapidly, own or have access to superior technology, or have another valuable point of difference. 

Ideally, the business could be run without the sellers, at least in the middle term.

Upon completion of the sale, you will need to ensure as far as possible that your important customers, suppliers and employees will remain with the business.

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