Put on your peace-paint

A US cosmetics company called Peacekeeper Cause-Metics is pushing hard to cash in on the consumer hunger for socially responsible products.

According to Springwise, Peacekeeper offers cosmetics such as lipsticks, nail polishes and lip glosses that are free of nasties such as toluene, formaldehyde, acetone phthalates, parabens and made without animal testing.

And that is just the beginning – the company also gives 0.5% of its gross revenues to help fight human rights abuses such as domestic violence and battery, the sex slave trade, gender inequality, rape and infanticide each year, as well as donating higher percentages of sales on certain of its products to various charities.

To date, the company has given more than $US55,000 in cash donations and $US30,000 in products to women-focused non-profits such as Womenslaw.org and Women for Afghan Women.

The company says it also treats its employees and contractors well, promising to avoid worker exploitation, ensure that overseas workers receive a fair wage, and engage in ethical practice generally.


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