Countdown starts for building industry on taxable payments reporting

feature-building-coundown-200The clock is now running on the new taxable payments reporting regime for the building and construction industry which came into effect on July 1.

While the first report to the ATO under this new system is not due until July 21, 2013, collecting the records necessary to prepare that report should already be under way.

Broadly, under the new system, businesses in the building and construction industry are required to report payments if they:

  • make payments to contractors for building and construction services;
  • have an ABN.

The system is aimed at improving contractor compliance with their tax obligations, particularly non-lodgment of income tax returns, omitted contact income and GST non-compliance.

The taxable payment reporting system is confined to business-to-business transactions, so home owners are not affected.

Businesses affected are required to report payments and must prepare and lodge an annual report each year, the first one being due on July 21, 2013 (covering the period July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013). The report must include the following details for each contractor:

  • ABN;
  • name and address;
  • total gross amount paid;
  • total GST included in gross amount paid.

The ATO expects the information that must be reported will generally be included on invoices received by the business.

Payments to contractors for building and construction services are required to be reported for the year in which they are actually paid. Where payments include labour and materials, the total amount is to be reported. However, in something of a concession, payments that relate only to materials do not need to be reported.

The annual reports can be lodged either online or by paper. Where business software has been updated to produce the new annual report, the ATO says the report can be lodged online. Further information will be made available on the ATO’s website in early 2013. Businesses lodging paper reports will need to use the ATO form currently being developed.

The ATO said taxable payments reporting would only apply to currently operating businesses, and not to insolvent businesses. It has provided a comprehensive (although not exhaustive) list of occupations and work activities which satisfy the definition of building and construction services, which means that the listed occupations fall under the taxable payments reporting regime.


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