Beat the downturn, marry a rich person

While marrying rich may have gained a bad reputation, a new book has revealed the secrets to both marrying well and marrying for money. The book, “The Ten Roads to Riches” by Ken Fisher, has five tips for seeking out a wealthy marriage.

  1. “Right place, right time” – It’s as simple as going where the rich people are. Find a country club, perhaps, or research your local area. Schmooze it up.
  1. “Be where they are” – Most wealthy people are working, so go to them. Charity work, political fundraisers and even investment seminars are good targets.
  1. “Age matters” – A lot of rich people are older, so be prepared to search out a more “mature” crowd.
  1. “Get a prenuptial arrangement” – Fisher says you should figure out what you are worth and demand it upfront. A good lawyer will help you get a bigger deal.
  1. “Don’t do anything stupid” – Judges are not quick to give big settlements to people who are a little erratic (think Heather Mills and Anna Nicole Smith).


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