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It was a daunting start to business for Tony Cassar and Gino Venegas, the entrepreneurs behind Victory Curtains & Blinds. But hard work and level heads have paid off.

Watch the video of Gino Venegas and Tony Cassar from Victory Curtains & Blinds

When Gino Venegas and Tony Cassar (Tony pictured at right) took over Victory Curtains & Blinds, the company was technically bankrupt.

Having just had three different owners in as many years, dwindling staff numbers, more than $1 million in debt and an expired lease on its premises, the two entrepreneurs know intimately what it is like to jump in the very deep end when taking over an enterprise.

Number one strategy in their great comeback effort was a good marketing plan (remember that jingle?), and a big part of their early focus was on the company’s Yellow Pages presence.

Next came a commitment to securing a solid cash flow plan to be able to meet the day-to-day obligations, including those to staff and suppliers. The third ace up their sleeve was effective training. Gino says that proper and effective sales techniques and top customer service were paramount in getting the company back on track.

Gino and Tony have turned it into an enterprise turning over $25 million a year. It took 14 years of hard work, but the results have been worth it.

In fact, the pair readily admit that the result surprised them. Envisioning being in business for, at best, 10 years, and that reaching this milestone was all they could have possibly imagined, they now say that perhaps 20 years in business is not too much to hope for.

Supporting each other in their efforts has been a top priority. As Tony says: “In business you can’t mark time. You either go forwards, or backwards. We decided to go forwards.”



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