Aldi teams up with Collette Dinnigan in fashion collaboration first

Aldi teams up with Collette Dinnigan in fashion collaboration first


German supermarket chain Aldi is putting its most fashionable foot forward in the quest to win Australian grocery shoppers’ hearts through collaboration with high-profile fashion designer Collette Dinnigan.

In Aldi’s first collaboration with a well-known Australian designer, the supermarket will release a limited edition range of children’s clothing designed by Dinnigan on October 14.

The Young Hearts collection includes 74 clothing items for babies through to children in their early teens, which will be priced between $11.99 and $29.95.

Aldi made the approach to Dinnigan, the two said in a joint statement.

The retailer said it was aiming to harness Dinnigan’s “reputation for creating high quality fashion in alignment with Aldi’s commitment to producing award-winning innovative products”.

Aldi said it is committed to using natural fabrics wherever possible and has a “stringent quality assurance and testing program”, which “reflects Collette’s principles of impeccable design detail and premium quality established over a 25 year career in fashion”.

Dinnigan, who closed the bulk of her eponymous fashion business in 2013, said in the same statement she has been designing children’s clothing since her daughter was born 11 years ago.

“Now thanks to Aldi, I can bring that quality with unbeatable value to all Australians,” Dinnigan said.

“It’s been very rewarding to provide a well-designed quality made collection for young girls that carries my design aesthetic, including signature Collette Dinnigan prints and embroidered embellishments such as cotton broderie lace details.”

The designer described the collection as having a “youthful, bohemian spirit” and featuring a summer-inspired colour scheme of turquoise, blue, yellow, pink and red.

Previously Australian discount department stores such as Target and Big W have found success by collaborating with fashion designers and celebrities for clothing ranges.

However, supermarkets such as Coles and Woolworths have stuck to food in their collaborations by teaming up with high-profile chefs including Curtis Stone and Jamie Oliver, so the Aldi and Dinnigan partnership is somewhat unchartered territory for local grocery chains.

It also comes as Aldi steps up its efforts to make sure customers know it stocks quality Australian-made products through a marketing campaign and pushing ahead with plans to open as many as 65 new stores across the country in 2016.

According to an industry report from IBISWorld, publishing in July, Aldi currently holds 8.2% of the local grocery market, which is worth an estimated $93.3 billion in annual revenue.

SmartCompany contacted Aldi but did not receive a response prior to publication.


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