Christmas – a time for change

In the context of an increasingly difficult economy to navigate, the direction of business prices is a slippery fish.

Christmas – a time for change

Andrew Kent

Christmas is a major event on the Australian business calendar. It makes or breaks the retail year. It brings an enforced holiday to a substantial part of the workforce. While for the individual it provides an opportunity to reflect and set new goals.

This last one results in an annual surge in job applications, which ironically usually coincides with an annual dip in job advertisements. In the business marketplace the new year usually brings an increase in inquiries from both sellers and buyers contemplating a move. However the time frame of business sales means that this usually takes a few months to convert to serious activity.

The end of year also marks the midpoint of another financial year in Australia, and for owners approaching retirement this may be a good one to make as your last. With several years of successive economic growth the forward projections of most businesses are looking good.

At the same time the future of the economic landscape is increasingly difficult to read. Just some of the considerations are; the change in Federal Government, global shortages of food and energy, and inflation threatening. Given that on average it takes six months to sell a business, now might be just the time to make that new years resolution.

For those with a view on where business prices are heading, we would be interested in your thoughts. Please complete the BizExchange survey. The results will be included in the December issue of the BizExchange Index to be released in January.

In the meantime have a great Christmas and new year and may we all prosper in 2008.


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