Facebook apps for sale on eBay

You might think that with all the energy being put into developing new applications for Facebook, the people behind them could be hoping to get a decent financial return on their efforts.

But according to Mashable, at least for some application developers, any hopes of a profit are likely to be in vain. One app called Advent Calendar – it works very much like an online version of the paper advent calendars many people buy – has been put up for sale by its creators on eBay.

According to Mashable, while a top bid of $US7099 has been put in for the Advent Calendar app, this doesn’t even reach the reserve price set by the vendors. Seems, despite all the hype surrounding Facebook apps, they are having trouble raising interest in what they have to sell.

Mind you, the problem could just be with this particular app. You might be able to sell advertising on an online advent calendar in the 24 days leading up to Christmas, but what use is it the rest of the year?


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