Setting up Communications Systems

Internet connection

The primary concerns in shopping for your businesses internet connection are speed and download limits.


Your internet connection will can be useful to your business, even if you don’t plan to trade over the internet. A fast internet connection will aid the operation of your business because it will help you research your competitors and potential customers.


Fast connection will also allow you to keep in regular contact with customers via email. Check your email frequently and reply to customer enquiries promptly.


Broadband may be more expensive but it is far quicker and more convenient than dial-up. It also runs on an existing phone line, which means you can make calls and use the net at the same time. Visit to see what plans are available to you. If broadband services are not available in your area, consider satellite services.

Telephone System

It is vitally important that you can answer as many customer enquiries as possible. Your phone system must be able to handle phone enquiries to your business. An unanswered call is a missed sale opportunity.

Rules for phone use in business

  • Answer calls before the third ring
  • Answer with name of business
  • Speak clearly
  • Don’t do anything that distracts you from the call. No shuffling papers, chewing gum, loud noise in background
  • Don’t use a speaker phone unless absolutely necessary to have several people hear the call
  • Take messages accurately; ask for clarification on spellings and be sure to deliver message to the correct person as quick as possible
  • Use a recorded message that includes the details of your business hours and alternate contact details
  • Return calls within one business day
  • Make sure everyone who answers your businesses phone follows these tips


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