How do I know it’s time to move into commercial premises?

It will probably be very obvious when you need to move from your home business into a commercial space – your employees are jammed into your home office like sardines, there are papers everywhere and your partner is complaining about the photocopier in the kitchen.

But space issues might not be the only reason that you need to start considering a move out of your home office.


Some other reasons might include:

  • The home office isn’t working. If you’ve got too many distractions or other problems at home, moving into commercial premises might be the best thing for you, your clients and your business.
  • You’re lonely. If you do feel isolated at home, moving into a shared office or serviced office environment might give you the human contact and assistance that you need.
  • Your business is changing. If your business is moving into a new area, your home office may simply not provide the facilities you require. For example, if your business changes such that you need warehouse space or a workshop, staying at home just won’t be feasible.

When you do decide to move, keep in mind that it will be disruptive and a bit stressful. The more help you can round up, the better.


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