What are the disadvantages of running a business at home?

While home-based entrepreneurs enjoy a number of benefits thanks to the flexibility offered by a home office, there are a few traps to be aware of and challenges you may encounter.


These include:

  • Work life encroaching on home life. While being able to move between the office and the lounge-room in the blink of an eye has some enormous benefits, the problem with a home-based business is that you are always at work. It’s crucial to set boundries between your work life and home life, and stick to them.
  • Isolation. Avoiding office politics is great, but some home-based entrepreneurs can come to miss the camaraderie of an office environment, particularly when work gets tough. A strong support system is crucial in overcoming this.
  • Procrastination. The temptation to spend 10 more minutes on the couch or working in the garden can lead to the great enemy of the home-based entrepreneur – procrastination. Strong discipline and time management is crucial if you want to overcome this.
  • Distractions. Friends popping over, the television or even your family members can distract the home-based businessperson. The secret is being able to let people know that work time really means it’s time to work.
  • Space. As your business expands, you might find that you are quickly outgrowing your home office. Keep in mind that you may need to abandon the comforts of home eventually, and be prepared for this.


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