Our readers are predominantly entrepreneurs, small business owners, startup founders and investors.

Because our readers are united by their occupation, it is safe to say most are reading SmartCompany with the twofold goal of keeping up to date with relevant news and improving their business. Guest pieces should be written with this goal in mind.

If you have opinions or insight to share that would make other entrepreneurs more equipped in their roles, then please read on.

Broadly speaking, our guest contributions can be grouped into three types.

1. Opinion pieces


Unhappy with the outcome of the royal commission into banking?

Believe a startup ecosystem abroad is overlooked?

Frustrated by the commercial real estate industry, politics or the media? 

Think the latest advertising campaign from Nike was crash-hot? 

Think a new piece of government legislation will negatively affect the industry? 

Think politics is standing in the way of innovation? 

Believe a certain type of funding is superior to all the others? 

Let the world know.



2. Advice pieces

Learnt a few things from your years in business that you think might help others? 

Put pen to paper.



3. Explainers

Do you have expertise that makes you well qualified to explain a concept, tax, policy, or industry trend to other small business owners and startup founders? 

Now is the time to share.



Some more information

We prioritise guest pieces written by Australian business owners and entrepreneurs, although we do occasionally publish pieces written by academics, international founders and experts too.

Aim for 600-1200 words.

Don’t shy away from listicles and guides. Think: ‘six steps to’, ‘a guide to’ and ‘a list of’.

There is no deadline for guest pieces. Send the draft to [email protected] and [email protected] for consideration. If we like the piece, and it meets all our requirements, we will let you know when it will be published. 

If you are a first-time writer for SmartCompany, we will also need:

  1. a one- or two-sentence bio;
  2. your LinkedIn URL;
  3. a landscape photo of you; and
  4. a headshot.



Guest pieces must be original and exclusive to SmartCompany. This means the piece is not being published by another media outlet.

The guest piece cannot be promotional. This doesn’t just mean not mentioning your business name in the article — it also means being one step removed from your business and your product, service or offering. We’re happy for you to talk about your industry or what you have deep expertise in, as long as you aren’t effectively saying your product or service is the number one solution for people in that industry. 

If we think it’s erring on the side of promotional, we will let you know and workshop a more constructive and informative piece to best serve both you and our readers. If you’d prefer to keep the promotional tone, we can put you in touch with SmartCompany’s commercial team for partner content opportunities.