How to...

Market your business

Understanding how to market your business is a key part of your business strategy. This section reveals the business marketing strategies that have helped many successful businesses, giving you all the planning tips and information you need to help promote your business. Set the direction of your marketing efforts correctly, in order to satisfy your customers. A marketing strategy can help you define this.

Sell a business

Business advice, tips, tricks & case studies (based on our reported stories) for how to sell a business according to its maximum value. Discover some of the success stories and challenges experienced by people who have sold a business or franchise.

Start a business

Starting a business is both exciting and has its challenges. This collection of the best business ideas and advice from SmartCompany's archives will give you the tools and tips to help you start a business of your own. Market research, business plans and templates, information on getting involved in an online business or franchise, plus advice on entering a family business. Read about some of the tactics tried and tested by some of Australia's most successful small businesses. Discover some of the frameworks and processes involved in deciding the nature of your business entity.