good edi founders Aniyo Rahebi and Catherine Hutchins

Aniyo Rahebi and Catherine Hutchins, co-founders, Good-Edi. Source: Supplied

Marina Roussel

How edible coffee cup startup Good Edi found success despite launching in a pandemic

Marina Roussel
Hospitality, Startups
7 minute Read

Aniyo Rahebi and Catherine Hutchins are friends with a professional background in food packaging and processing who wanted to make a bigger impact. 

Coffee-loving Australians send an estimated one billion single use cups to landfill every year and this fact weighed heavily on the young Melbourne-based duo. They thought the idea behind biodegradable and compostable coffee cups was admirable, but knew the infrastructure for them to be effective as a sustainable, environmentally friendly option didn’t truly exist (yet). 

So they came up with the ultimate disposal method — edible cups.

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