Younger generations lead the take-up of meal delivery services

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Younger generations are leading the way when it comes to the take-up of meal delivery services such as UberEATS and Menulog, according to research from Roy Morgan Research released earlier this year.

The Roy Morgan findings show that nearly two million Australians aged 14+ (9.8%) use a meal delivery service over the course of an average three months, with 16.1% of millennials having used a service, followed by 13.2% of Generation Z consumers. At the other end of the spectrum, just 4.5% of baby boomers and 3.6% of pre-boomers had used a meal delivery service.

City dwellers (12.6%) were far more likely to have used a meal delivery service than their country counterparts (4.5%), while 10.2% of women used a service, compared to 9.4% of men.

‘Metrotechs’, or young, single, well-educated inner-city professionals, are particularly keen on meal delivery services, according to the Roy Morgan data, with 22.5% of Metrotechs having used a service.

“Many of the new meal delivery services are a product of the so-called ‘gig economy’, and this is particularly applicable to market-leading UberEATS,” Roy Morgan chief executive Michele Levine commented.

“UberEATS launched in Australia in April 2016 and [is] already the leading meal delivery service for the early adopting Metrotechs: 16.4% of Metrotechs use UberEATS in an average three months, compared to 13.4% using Menulog/ (the two companies merged in recent years), 7.3% using Deliveroo and 3.8% using Foodora.”

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