Sydney to get first ‘capsule hotel’ – claustrophobics beware

Source: Supplied

A Sydney hotel is taking inspiration from both Japan and science fiction films, planning to open Australia’s first ever ‘capsule hotel’.

Capsule hotels originated in Japan as initiative that was initially aimed at late working businessmen looking to have a cheap, convenient sleep.

However, the more claustrophobically inclined may want to avoid this offering.

The capsules themselves are about the size of an average person, 2 metres by 1.25 metres in dimension, and provide the user enough space to sit up and store minimal luggage.

The capsule-based accommodation has long been a part of Japanese cities, with the first one being established in Osaka in 1979.

As reported by Broadsheet, Sydney’s capsule hotel will be located in one of the city’s old bars, with the compact style not needing as much space as a standard hotel.

The capsules will be priced at $35 a night, though customers wanting to sleep in a slightly larger box can pay $50.

The design team behind the Sydney hotel, Giant Design, have created the capsules in a wooden vintage style, forgoing the sleek aluminium pod aesthetic one might find on the set of Alien.

Giant Design employee Chris Wilks told Broadsheet that the design team have tried to retain the bar’s “vintage look and feel.”

Wilks said the hotel is “is not quite a hotel and not a backpackers [hostel]”.

“We’re providing the privacy which one doesn’t get in a backpackers on a bunk bed,” he said.

The project has been in development for the past year due to some legal issues, but is set to open in mid-November.


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