Here’s your cheat sheet on Amazon Australia

Amazon Australia

You may have caught word that a little retailer named Amazon is opening up shop in Australia this weekend – and while small businesses in the retail space have been discussing the possibility for years, the whole launch has progressed faster than many expected.

Most entrepreneurs have probably got at least the basics down when it comes to the retail giant’s plans for Australia, but do you know enough to plan for the decades ahead?

At the very least, do you know enough to have a great dinner party conversation this weekend about the potential fallout from the launch?

Here are eight pieces from SmartCompany this year about Amazon’s entry and its possible impacts on local retail. Think of it as a cheat sheet for the event that analysts say could permanently change the nation’s approach to shopping.

The possible impact on sales

Businesses weigh in on the impact the launch could have on local businesses’ strategy in years to come.

Logistics concerns

The likes of retail heavyweight Gerry Harvey have been critical from the very beginning of Amazon’s ability to create strong a logistics framework in Australia.

The rise of the marketplace

Amazon is not the only seller with a “marketplace” – read all about the strategy many local brands have tried their hands at over the past two months. 

The tax angle

Experts have weighed in here on what Amazon’s entry could mean for tax revenue.

Where Australia Post and Amazon don’t see eye to eye

There’s a battle currently going on over whether Amazon or logistics providers should have to collect the GST when shoppers use the platform after July 1 next year, when the low value GST-free threshold is scrapped for online purchases made overseas. Read all about the beef between Auspost and Amazon here. 

Four things we know about the boss of Amazon AU

Australian operations will be headed up by former executive Rocco Braeuniger. Here’s four things you need to know about him.

Have Aussie retailers been too successful to face Amazon?

Retail experts have said incumbents have been too slow to prepare adequately for the company’s arrival.

Local retailers not scared

However, since the very beginning small businesses have said the only way to view the retailer’s arrival is as an opportunity.

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